Old Katy Railroad
New Katy Railroad Club formed to allow vistiors to the Red River Railroad Museum to see a re-creation of 1950's Denison through model railroading

Red River Railroad Museum

filled with mementos of the Railroad Age!

Official Repository
of Historical Records and Artifacts of the
Katy Railroad Historical Society

Open Monday through Saturday
10:AM - 1:PM
2:00 - 4:00PM

Across the Street from the old Katy Depot
Red River Railroad Museum
104 E. Main Street
Denison, TX 75021-3021
(903) 463-6238
e-mail katystation@texoma.net

Transportation is an important part of Denison's history. In the 1850's the area known as Denison was a stop on the Butterfield Stage Line that ran from St. Louis to San Francisco. The stage entered Texas on a ferry raft pulled across the Red River by slaves. However, it was the railroad that launched Denison into a bona fide city when the Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railroad (affectionately known as KATY) crossed the Red River in 1872. In fact, 3000 people moved into the new town in the first 100 days!

The original Depot building was destroyed in a fire soon after it was built. The Katy Depot building that stands at 101 E. Main Street was constructed in 1914 and housed the offices of the MK&T Railroad. It has been restored and turned into a small downtown shopping mall with retail shops, a gallery, restaurants, and professional offices.

Across the street from the Katy Depot in the Katy Antique Station is the Red River Railroad Museum. The museum offers an extensive history of the MK&T Railroad - especially information on the founding of Denison and its subsequent growth as well as exhibits to consume the better part of a railroad enthusiasts afternoon. The museum is packed with artifacts, pictures, showcases and railroad equipment.

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